Our Services

At Business Edge, we provide a full spectrum of recruitment and human resource services to help our clients and candidates achieve their realize their talent and job placement needs.

Our range of services include:

1) Executive Search

With a myriad of relevant key contacts and networks together with our rigorous selection process, we will identify, assess and shortlist the ‘sought after’ candidate for mid to top management position in your organisation. Clients and Candidates alike are of utmost importance to us and we exercise strict confidentiality and discretion in our approach.

2) Permanent Placement

Our Personnel Consultants will seek to gain insight on your company’s requirements, culture and other necessary information. Thereafter the sourcing, screening and shortlisting process will gather pace to identify the right candidate for entry to mid level position in your organisation.

3) Temporary Placement

Whether it is Headcount Constraint or Seasonal Peak Workload, Temporary Staffing on hourly rated basis for short term duration is the answer. We take care of the payroll and administration while you get the work done.

4) Contract Placement

For short to mid-term projects, contract staffing on monthly rated basis will provide you with peace of mind. We will oversee the recruitment, preparation of contract and all administrative matters. Payroll is handled by us for your added conveniences to save you time and allow you to focus on your core businesses.

5) Payroll Services

With our Computerised Payroll Software, parking your pool of contract workers with us is a breeze. We will assume the role as their legal employer and everything from payroll, expense claims, leave management, Workmen Insurance, timesheet management up to IR 8A will be under our charge. On-line leave update and Payslip will be made available to all contract staff for their conveniences.